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Acrylic Nail Extensions

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We offer Acrylic Sculpting method using forms for nail enhancements if clients hands are too short or damaged we may refuse treatment and recommend a nail treatments manicure instead to get nails in best condition for acrylics to then be applied at a later date if you are unsure please contact our facebook page with photo of your nails so we can assess before booking you in we use the brush powder and monomer method using forms to sculpt the nail extension out of acrylic this method requires most skill and training by techs.

For a full set of acrylics £40.00 (includes gel varnish top coatplus glitters)

Ombre Acrylic Extensions £45.00

Nail art and gems price extra as quoted by tech

We recommend infills every 2-3 weeks max failure to keep up with this will result in lifting of enhancements and damaging of nails and further costs to client.

Infills £30.00 (3 weeks max)

If you damage or break/loose nail we offer nail repair £3.00 per nail

Nails are guaranteed for 7 days max  at techs descretion (lifting, losing one only) any breakages that occur are payable by client  on appointment after leaving salon.;

We don't carry out infills or removal on other techs work.

Children are strictly prohibited in salon whilst carrer/parent having treatment

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