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Icon Ultralift presents specialised treatments specifically designed to restore muscle tone & generate skin surface. 

Rewind the ageing process & look as young as you feel with this uplifting and preventative treatment.

Using Galvanic & Microcurrent plus the added bonus of Mesotherapy you are guaranteed to get the best results as this machine offers 3 treatments in 1 session.

When you have your Icone treatment we use the Galavanic method to drain the lymphatic system flushing out all toxins and fluid retention then using Microcurrent method we penetrate relaxing pulses to stimulate face & tone & lift muscles giving you that non-surgical facelift, lastly we add a cocktail of vitamins and minerals via Mesotherapy using the Galvanic method to give penetrate through the skin to promote a youthful glow and regenerate cell turnover to encouraging anti-ageing.

We have Course of treatments available or one of treatments for that special event/night out.

Ultralift Refine & Lift Facial £45.00

Book Refine & Lift 10 sessions

payment option £100.00 upfront payment plus £20.00 to be paid each session (savings off £150)

Mesotherapy £10.00 extra

Course fee prices are non refundable!

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