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Eyelash extensions by Sadie

Japanese classic eyelash extensions - £50.00














More information: Our Japanese lashes are applied expertly and individually to each lash. We choose the lashes most appropriate for the clients natural lash. Japanese lashes are applied by a wrapping technique each lash is applied individually to enchance the clients natural lashes, these lashes are more natural looking. These lashes are perfect to enhance your natural lashes, they look beat on normal to full natural lashes.

We only use the highest quality lashes in salon from Moka & Sara academy these are a 5* rating.

Clients are giving full aftercare advice after their appointment.

Russian volumes - £60

More information: Russian volumes are created through a fanning method to achieve a bold and fluffy look, the fans are hand-made by the lash tech. These lashes are perfect for special occasions as they create a false lash look. These lashes are perfect if you're looking to build depth and thickness, It is recommended to go 2 weeks before getting an infill.

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