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No Needle Lip Fillers

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The treatment uses a special pen to deliver hyaluronic acid into the lips or skin. The pen was actually first designed to eliminate the use of needles for those who suffer from diabetes, and has since been used by the beauty industry to allow for no needle fillers.

The active ingredient used, hyaluronic acid, rejuvenates and lifts the lip area, as well as stimulating collagen production.

The Hyaluronic Air pen captures air and pressure to allow Liquid Filler into the treatment area. Unlike a syringe injection, probability of infection is remote.

We only use professional legal fillers Dermalax these are used by medical practicioners with the needle method so you will be getting the same products just a different way of it being administered.

The fillers last between 4-8 months depending on client lifestyle and correct aftercare. There is very little pain and discomfort having this treatment apposed to the invasive needle method, you may get small amount of bruising after which normally goes away 7-10 days please take this into account if you are planning a special event/vacation straight after your treatment.

Price for 1Ml max of dermalax is £140.00

(this is administered in two sessions 2 weeks apart as required by this method)

please contact salon for consultation!

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