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The Curse Of Lockdown Hands

Hands up who’s hands are dry from all this hand washing 🙋🏼‍♀️ Keep reading for my top tips for reviving your suffering hands, getting your nails in better condition and readying your feet for flip-flop weather.

Right now we are washing our hands more than ever before. Obviously this is absolutely necessary but all that water and soap and alcohol if you're using sanitiser is sucking all the moisture out of our skin. We can’t stop washing our hands so we need to put that moisture back in. I’m sure a lot of you are reaching for the hand cream to do that and that’s ok. Hand creams give a protective layer to your skin that allows your skin to produce the oils that have been stripped away by all that water. But the best way to really rehydrate your skin is to use an oil. If you’re one of my clients you‘ll be sick of me telling you how important it is to use a cuticle oil! Well that’s not restricted to the tips of your fingers! This oil will revive your whole hands! Two or three drops, massage it in and your hands will love you for it!

Oil is my number one secret to healthy nails too. If your nails break a lot the chances are they are brittle. They may feel hard and strong but as you use your hands in everyday life and inevitably bang into things those hard, strong nails will snap. Using cuticle oil regularly will take away that brittleness and when you catch your nails on things they will be more likely to bend and spring back rather than snap. If you have flaky nails the oil will fill and seal the gaps that have appeared between the layers of your nails as they grow and prevent anymore peeling or flaking.

If you have thinner nails you‘ll want to oil regularly to keep them as healthy as possible but it’ll also be more important for you to keep a couple of layers of treatment/polish on them. Regardless of the state of your nails, ideally you should never have naked nails. A couple of layers of something will protect them from water (the nemesis to healthy nails!) and give some added strength. The Ethos treatment bases we use in salon are perfect for this. Whatever your nail type there’s one made just for you.

We’ve always had the Bio Sculpture cuticle oil available for you to buy in salon, and hopefully we will again soon. In the meantime you can get it delivered straight to your front door! It’s £10 plus p&p and that bottle will last you a loooooooong time! Same goes for all of the Ethos treatment base coats and Gemini polishes if you’d like a bit of colour too!

If your hands are extra dry or you’ve got rough patches or callouses developing, your hands would probably appreciate an exfoliation. Mine certainly have lately! I don‘t think they like sweating in gloves and putting deliveries out at the shop 8 or 9 hours at a time! Now if you‘ve ever had a luxury manicure or pedicure with me you will know how much I love the Apricot Kernel Scrub. It smells amazing and it’s super easy to use as it’s a creamy based exfoliator so no mess! Just massage it in for a few minutes and rinse it off for smoother hands.

Speaking of pedicures... flip-flop season is almost here. It’s time to get your feet summer ready! This time last year we were super busy with out luxury pedicure treatment; unfortunately we’re not able to do that for you just yet. (Side note - as someone who doesn’t like feet much I never thought I’d wish for the day that I could see all of your feet again ladies, but here I am hoping so see them all again soon!) For now, we have got some of our pedi products available for you to get delivered. The Apricot Kernel Scrub is perfect for your dry, cracked heels and those horrible dry patches on your toes and the balls of your feet. Massage, rinse and your done! The Mint Mask is lovely too. It’s more intense moisturiser and so refreshing. It’s especially lovely if you’ve been on your feet all day! Just slather it on and let it do it’s work for as long as you want. When you rinse it off your feel will feel silky smooth and smell sooooo good!

So there you have my tips for getting your hands and feet though the next few weeks until we can see all of you lovely ladies again! All the products mentioned and anything else you may need are available to be delivered to you, just drop us message on Facebook, Instagram, email or the little chat box on this page!

Can’t wait to see you soon!

Jess xoxo

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