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In salon we have a professional built in spray tan room where you will receive your amazing tan we use NOUVATAN Spray Tanning Solutions which are created for professionals by professionals. You will not find our product in high street shops or supermarkets. All of our solutions contain active, organic, natural ingredients and contain NO harmful parabens, alcohol or oils. With 7 shades of Solution ranging from 6%-20% DHA, we will match up the dha% best suited to your skin tone. Spray tan will last 7-10 days then starts to gradually fade we recommend exfoliation after this to get even skin tone as fading occurs. if you have spray tan before holiday and go into pool it will fade quicker, 

Brides to be or having a spray tan for special occasion we advise you to have a trial run first to make sure colour is what you require.

Before your spray tanning session


Remove unwanted hair. Try to shave or wax at least 24 hours before your spray tan. ...

The night before your tan exfoliate your skin with a gentle exfoliator or scrub to slough off the top layer of dead skin cells. Do not apply deodarant, lotions, makeup, perfums, moisturisers before your spray tan as this will act as a barrier.  Come to your spray tan appointment prepared in dark old loose clothing nothing tight! and flip flops or loose sandles, you can wear underwear if you wish, we do provide disposable thongs at tanning appointment,  just remember this will leave white marks where it has been worn.

After your spray tanning session

Do wear loose old dark clothing and flip flops after your tanning session. Ditch your bra for at least six hours. Don't take a shower (or get wet for any other reason) for the first 8-12 hours after receiving a spray tan. Water contact will stop the tanning process. Top tip is to sleep in a old single dark duvet to prevent sheets from staining, wear socks on hands in sleep to stop touching body whilst asleep and getting tan on palms of hands we check your hands after tan to make sure they have no solution on them, after washing guide colour of it is recommended to moisturise twice daily with a oil free moisturiser to help the tan last and not dry skin out.

Spray Tan price £25.00

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